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TM Bohrtechnik GmbH...

The companies Reichdrill and TM Bohrtechnik, which both are member of the Eurofor Group, joined their expertise to become a unique brand named RTDrill.

As you know, RTDrill offers an alternative and complete range of drilling equipments to meet the most specific requirements of our customers around the world.

Please visit us on our brand homepage » www.rtdrill.com


TM Bohrtechnik GmbH has its headquarter in Kapfenberg - Austria, where there is not only a tradition in steel production but also in the rock drilling equipment production as well. Until year 2000 the company BPI has produced drill rigs right here.
TM Bohrtechnik now continues this tradition - continuing the manufacturing of drill rigs in Kapfenberg.


To be successful on the market today and to meet the demands of an challenging environment, an innovative corporate policy is necessary and associated with high quality standards.
For special customer requests TM Bohrtechnik provides individual solutions for all applications. Straightforward, flexible and with short decision paths we develop and build rigs for upper surface and underground mining.

Using checklists, customer briefing and professional advice we create an exact requirement profile, which serves as the basis for the construction of special drilling equipment.

Numerous reasons are decisive for the success. However, the main points are the flexible consideration of customer requirements, the highly qualified staff potential and constant development of the technical level of equipment.

The product range of TM Bohrtechnik is as follows:

  • Drilling attachments for installation on different carrier units, mainly excavators
  • Drilling for above-ground use
  • Drilling for underground mining (propulsion and anchor units)
  • ODDS – On demand drilling systems - specially adapted to customer requirements (Core drilling, shaft drilling, etc.)